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Originally Posted by muddi900 View Post
That's because you're a poopoo head! Kids aren't idiots you know, they can handle stuff like this.

And when I said 'adultify', I meant addition of gratuitous violence and sex, because that's what passes for 'adult' nowadays.
I dunno... the creepy insects chasing Mickey around his garden while he was tripping balls on insecticide set him on edge and then Donald Duck tried to stab a whale in the blow hole with a harpoon. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but my kid didn't.

I get what you mean by adult and I think Disney shouldn't have to crank up the hard rock or violence to appease the general masses or to sell a game to people who won't want a title ostensibly for kids. But I think he was always 'adult' enough in the old days, and just became a flavourless, charmless throwaway cartoon Realdoll over the years.
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You don't need sex and violence (well the 90s comics kind anyway) to have a bleak, crapsack future. Looking at the original concept art more reminded me of 2300 AD in Chrono Trigger.
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I still have high hopes for this. Even though I'm certain the inevitable PS3 port will be a richer experience. I don't think this game could look better than it does on the current machine.

Disney has never done anything like the concept art suggested, and mention of Hercules is disingenuous and misplaced. And any talk of Specter playing a Molyneux card is unfair at this point, simply because of how long it's been for him on the sidelines.

If you grew up on Mickey, I don't see how this game isn't attractive.
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There also seems to be a new trailer to go with this announcement:

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Originally Posted by Urizen View Post
Disney has never done anything like the concept art suggested, and mention of Hercules is disingenuous and misplaced.
I think if we are talking something as visually exciting, than their adaptation of Pinocchio certainly counts. In fact, if they still have the ride based on the movie, that counts too.

EDIT: That trailer wishes Don Lafontaine was still alive.
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Originally Posted by Jeffool View Post
I think it's the collective form of the noun, actually.
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Originally Posted by pronounconnoun View Post
taint = slippery slope

Got it. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by Superman's Dead View Post
Has there been a precedent for textures/color palates like the ones that the concept art suggest? Everything looks kind of flat/bland platformer in those screens, but maybe we were expecting too much?
There really shouldn't be any restriction on type of texture color palette on the Wii, only resolution and how much you can do at one time. The real problem is a lack of mechanical goofy and Country Time Bear skulls.
Originally Posted by carnage11 View Post
You have got to be the most childish, immature person I've ever had the displeasure of reading posts from on the internet.
Originally Posted by LordDon View Post
I love you, Orc.
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I'm still excited.
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