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[iPhone/iPod Touch] eBoy FixPix Review (Moving Target)

Product: eBoy FixPix
Platform: iPhone/iPod Touch
Price: $1.99

Gameplay is simple. Just tilt your device around until you find the sweet spot where the pixels line up to reveal the picture.

There has been plenty of buzz about the internet about the App Store release of a game featuring the unique artwork of eBoy. Though there may not be much depth to the gameplay or any replay value at all, this title may be worth the cash time if you enjoy squeaky-clean retro-pixlated stylings.

Using clues like interrupted words, lines, and shadows, you can figure out which way you need to lean in order to repair the fractured picture.

Featuring one hundred puzzles that are all completed in the same tilt-your-phone manner, Fix Pix will only take even the most ham-handed gamer only 20 minutes or so to power though. During that time though, you're treated to clever artwork in a unique style that strangely seems to fit with the simple mode of play.

Adding a significant amount of value to the title is the ability to take clean screenshots of the fixed images. Simply tap the end of level message to make it temporarily disappear. Then, hold down your menu button and click the lock button on the top of your device and your current screen will appear in your camera roll. Though two bucks may not be the best deal for a simple 20 minute game, it's easier to stomach when you're getting 100 unique wallpapers as well.

Spoiler: After 100 levels, the game ends.

Devoid of pretense, refreshingly straightforward, and unapologetically brief, FixPix is a unique diversion while it lasts. Whether it is worth two of your hard earned gaming dollars likely depends on how much you enjoy the art of eBoy. For this reviewer, the combination of mindless one-dimensional gameplay and charming two-dimensional art makes this an easy app to recommend.

Moving Target is a weekly mobile gaming feature by Curt "Mot Wakorb" Lecaptain and Rob "mightbe" Schuster. Check CoG every Saturday for updates. Hit us up if there's something you'd like us to cover.
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Now all I need is an android version and I'll be happy
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Originally Posted by Bone
Awesome. You really captured the wangy-ness of it
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It's an enjoyable zen type of game. Worth the $2 just for the novelty. I'll probably find some replay value just when I need to kill a few minutes here or there.
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