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Originally Posted by LongStepMantis View Post
*Sniff* I knew you guys would have my back.
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I thought the comments were parodying the HoN community?
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Originally Posted by BigJonno View Post
Come on, how often, in ANY competitive MP game, do you see new players helped and encouraged by experienced ones? Having orders that you don't understand barked at you while being sworn at when you don't respond immediately doesn't count.
Funny thing is, it happened for me in HoN. My first 3 games were with/against a clan that helped explain the game mechanics to me. They didn't just newb bash, there were even numbers of them on each team. Was a lot of fun.

This was punctuated by the next 97 games being about how much of a raving homosexual my playing skills made me. According to those games, I love the penis something fierce. I'm not even sure what metric they use to determine that. Actions per minute?

I'm used to it. Starcraft, Diablo, WoW, Warcraft 2, and Warcraft 3 were all filled with the same kinds of people. I can see how it would be a turn off for others.
Originally Posted by Wasson_ View Post
my money is on a ghost U-boat...with a crew of kriegsmarine SKELETONS. Still waging war on the U.S. for the fatherland...forever.
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Originally Posted by SilentScreams View Post
Jeez...if the game didn't cost money, I'd go on and intentionally suck just to piss off people like this.
I'd play the part of the beyond-clueless newbie.

"Hey guys...why won't my Wiimote work for this game?"
"Guys...how do I attack stuff?"
"How I mine for fish?"

Also; just play League of Legends. The community is much better and you can play practice games against bots.
I would join you in a new york minute.
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