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Originally Posted by Narradisall View Post
Fuck cancer.
Besides my brother and I being huge fans of the Beasties, this has been affecting us in another important way. In 2010 my dad was diagnosed with cancer in his parotid salivary gland- the same as Yauch. He of course always downplayed it, but we slowly realized this could be really bad.

My bro and I would follow MCA's condition along with our dad's- either one's progress or setbacks were touchstones in the constant desire for information when someone you love is sick. You start to rationalize or equivocate, trying to apply logic to the random growth of murderous, greedy cells. We noticed pre-treatment pictures of MCA where his cheek was swollen and distended- my dad had the same. Treatment would consist of surgery, radiation, further biopsy, and chemo as last resort. Dad's surgery turned out more invasive than planned, and a nerve bundle controlling his right eye and mouth had to be cut. He resembled a stroke victim until just recently after some healing, physical therapy, and cosmetic surgeries.

After two years, my father has beaten cancer at 62, where Adam Yauch lost the battle at 47. This loss reminds me how lucky we are to have Pop on this Earth a little longer, and it made my knees a little weak.

I ended up doing a cover of Yauch's song "I don't know".
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