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Originally Posted by menage View Post
I think the human race frequently tries to pull off shit which eventually backfires one way or another. Nuclear power, oil, global networks. It's just a little too big to be foolproof sometimes. 100% safety just doesn't exist and if it does now somebody will find something which makes sure that it doesn't in the future.
You're confusing the issue. 100% safety indeed doesn't exist - but it never has, and things are generally way better for your personal well-being than they were 100 years ago. You blame companies who do not properly minimize risk, but companies are made of people, and lots of people never wear seatbelts and get away with it because accidents where they need it are very rare. This is exactly the same.

To summarize for those catching up, the security hole seems to be as follows:

1. Developer consoles were not held to the same level or security as regular consoles. This is decently reasonable, as it is incredibly unlikely a developer would do anything shady, because you could easily catch them.

2. A recent PS3 hack allowed you to turn your console into a developer console.

3. Whatever security they had past the "don't let non-devs do X" level wasn't adaquate. I'm guessing they just had a generally weak level of security behind a fortress for the regular user.

To put it in TF2 terms:

The hackers were playing spy. The engineer (security team) saw them coming, but they looked like a same-team pyro, so they ignored them. When their back was turned, they sapped his sentry and backstabbed him (not super easy to do, but pretty easy if you're trusted), then stole the intelligence (user data) and took it back to base (shady Russian mobsters).
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You have got to be the most childish, immature person I've ever had the displeasure of reading posts from on the internet.
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I love you, Orc.
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