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Well, it's another year of Child's Play! For us here at CoG that means we get two awesome things. One, knowing that our donations are going towards helping sick kids play some sweet games. Secondly there's our CoG Network raffle for some awesome prizes. It's win freaking win!

For every 10 dollars you donate to the Colony of Gamers Child's Play Drive, you will receive one virtual raffle ticket.
You will receive an e-mail at the address you use for the PayPal donation with further instructions. Initial batch of raffle tickets has been mailed out.
(Please ensure e-mail is correct.)

More raffle items to come! Check often for updates. Raffle items will be updated here.

Raffle Item 1 Anyone

What secrets lie in the heart of the Mystery Bag? Legends speak of it being filled with gaming treasure. Perhaps industry schwag, new games and other assorted items could lay inside? Only time will tell.

Raffle Items 2 and 3 Anyone

Once again, CoGs own ADDGirl is providing the awesome. This time in the form of crocheted beanie hats and the winners choice of 8-bit Mario character on the beanie! Be sure to specify which item (2 or 3) you're using your raffle tickets on once the tickets get mailed out.

Raffle Item 4 Registered Colony of Gamers Members Only

What's that sound? Oh, is it you kicking royal ass using a MadCatZ Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Stick* made of genuine Sanwa Denshi parts? It very well could be if you've got the lucky ticket.
* 360/PC stick version.

Raffle Item 5 Anyone

Had your eye on that special PC game? Say Dragon's Age or Left 4 Dead 2? Well, our very own Ghostbear has you covered. He's putting a $50 Steam purchase on the line for one lucky gamer.

Raffle Item 6 Anyone

Still need the "A Little Help from Your Friends" and "Super High" achievements from the fantastic 'Splosion Man in co-op? Well, maybe the games developers, Twisted Pixel can help you out with that. This raffle prize is for a co-op gaming session of 'Splosion Man with Twisted Pixel!

Raffle Item 7 Anyone

Perhaps you're one for the limelight? Want to see your name up there in big letters? For a lucky someone, they may win a special mention in the credits of Twisted Pixels next game, Comic Jumper!

Raffle Items 8, 9 and 10 Anyone

Missed grabbing a copy of the smash PC game, Torchlight this holiday season? Fear not. Those fantastic cats over at Runic Games have graciously put up three Torchlight codes for our Child's Play drive! So why not get your own game on while you help some kids do the same? Be sure to specify which item (8, 9 or 10) you're using your raffle tickets on once the tickets get mailed out.

Raffle Item 11 Anyone

Didn't manage to make it to PAX '09? Well, thanks to our intrepid mightbe, you can take a piece of it home if you win this prize. He's throwing in a PAX '09 schwag bag, filled with shirts, lanyards, a set of Tritton AX Earbuds and other errata! You won't even need to become a Grey Warden to get ahold of that Dragon Age shirt. Also includes the limited edition Colony of Gamers PAX '09 shirt!

Raffle Item 12 Anyone

Are you a gaming collector of all things rare? Missing that one priceless piece of gamer history? Well, thanks to those fine folks at Naughty Dog, one lucky winner will receive a Uncharted 2: Among Thieves proof disc signed by Naughty Dogs own Evan Wells (Co-President), Christophe Balestra (Co-President), Bruce Straley (Game Director) and Amy Hennig (Creative Director)! This proof disc is even more special due to the misprinted game title "Among Thieve". For those of you wondering, the proof disc is what's sent to the manufacturing plant as a final check to confirm that the code is good, before it goes to be printed. It's basically the "gold master" disc everyone talks about (but it's not gold), and yes, it is encoded to play on consumer PlayStation units (as opposed to devkits or debug units).

Raffle Item 13 Anyone

Do you love Nathan Drake and want the world to know it? No better way than sporting the limited run Uncharted 2: Among Thieves "I Play Dirty" poster which Naughty Dog printed just for their cinema events. Not only that, but it will also be signed by members of Naughty Dog - autographs galore!

*If you can not see the donation tracking widget in the first post above, use the button below. Your donation will still go to the CoG Network Child's Play Drive 2009, but may not show in the tally right away.

Donations must be received by 12am Eastern on Saturday, January 2, 2010 to receive raffle tickets. Raffle entries must be received by 12pm Eastern on Sunday, January 3, 2010 to be eligible for drawing.
Winners will be drawn on Wednesday, January 6, 2010 and notified via e-mail no later than January 9, 2010.

All proceeds will be donated to Child's Play. For more information on Child's Play visit their website at

Raffle for entertainment purposes only. and its partners make no representation on delivery of raffle items. Some items region specific.

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