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Evil Avnovice 04-09-2017 04:38 PM

Nintendo Download: Switch Edition [Apr 6, 2017]
This week's download (in my opinion) is headlined by Graceful Explosion Machine, an arcade-style shooter that focuses on racking up combos for huge scores. Has Been Heroes finally hits Europe, and the next title from Hamster's ACA NeoGeo series is Alpha Mission II.

North America

*Lego City Undercover ($59.99)
*Graceful Explosion Machine ($12.99)
*ACA NeoGeo Alpha Mission II ($7.99)
*Vroom in the Night Sky ($9.99)
*Just Dance 2017 demo


*Graceful Explosion Machine (12.99/9.99)
*Has Been Heroes (24.99/19.99)
*ACA NeoGeo Alpha Mission II (6.99/6.29)
*Lego City Undercover (59.99/49.99)
*Just Dance 2017 demo


*Vroom in the Night Sky released to very negative feedback. Those who played the import said that it was pretty bland, and the recent update doesn't seemingly fix it.

*For those who wanted to play Lego City Undercover, but never played, or were interested in the WiiU original, there were early reports that the Switch version suffers from the exact same problem of lengthy load times when exiting from indoor areas into the overworld area. The PC version is allegedly unplayable. I have personally not heard how the Xbox One/PS4 versions fare, so I would exercise caution and steer clear of this one for the moment.

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