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Psykoboy2 04-04-2017 03:30 PM

In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 12

Christmas comes early for one of us at the following link.

I shouldnít let addictions get to me, but I guess thatís what addictions do, really. Iím also pretty dead set on never letting this one touch me, however. I talk about it in the episode but Destiny has a new record book. Itís the biggest one theyíve ever had and it tracks stats with specific things you do and have done in the game. Some of it was retroactive and I guess Iím glad more of it WASNíT, because it really might have gotten to me if more of this thing had been filled in automatically. And it would have, to be sure. Thereís a lot with my 3 characters that Iíve done to easily fill in their respective pages in the record book.

Thereís one thing, however, that I havenít done. Well, thereís a lot actually and even though some of those seem out of reach, they are achievable. With a lot of work and consistent play, I could actually make those things happen (he says, eyeballing the Lighthouse). But there is one that I can never obtain. It is out of my reach and I missed it about 2 years ago. I can never get it back. Itís gone forever. And my ability to 100 percent this thing goes with it. No matter what I do Iíll have a 99.99 percent staring back at me for the rest of time. And so...Iím going to leave it be. I donít know what itís at right now but itís so far from 99.99 that it doesnít bother me. I mean, to be fair, Iím bothered I canít do a full run on this thing, but whatever - it is completely out of my control and those are things I never let bother me - in life or in gaming.

I hate you Destiny. I canít wait for Destiny 2.

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