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Psykoboy2 03-28-2017 07:15 AM

In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 11

Our lips are moving but we arenít saying anything at the following link.

How bad does something have to be before you canít put up with it anymore? Loaded question, I know, so letís constrain it to what we know best - video games. Itís sort of the video game version of the chicken/egg question. If a game plays phenomenally with a fantastic story but looks like crap, is it still a good game? If a game looks amazing but the story is weak, is it still a good game? I think all of these are subjective to the player. In the end itís up to them on if they got their moneyís worth and if their time was spent well with a game.

None of us have played Mass Effect Andromeda, but at least from the people we spoke with on this episode who have, theyíre easily enjoying what they are playing regardless of what they might be seeing. The animations have their drawbacks at times but it isnít enough to take them away from the enjoyment the game is giving them. Itís a win for them and seems to come highly recommended. Itís what works for them.

So what about you? Where does a game succeed or fail for you? Does it need to hit certain points on all levels to be something youíll enjoy or can a game knock it out of the park in one single area for you to look past the other faults? We have reviews and videos for other people to tell us what they think. We even have our show for that. But really, after all is said and done, itís up to you, the player, to make those choices for what works best for you.

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