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Psykoboy2 02-14-2017 07:09 AM

In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 05

Weíre statistically speaking at the following link.

Sometimes we think we know our audience. Mainly because most of you show up in the chat room during the live shows (if you listen to this outside of the live broadcasts weíd love to hear from you and know youíre out there). But then we have calls like we did during this episode. A much older gamer calling us about Doom posed the question to us about the demographic of gamers these days and one of our listeners in the chat room provided us a lot of information on that very subject. It was necessarily eye opening to any of us - the statistics anyway. The phone call, however, was a different story. There is no defining age of a gamer, I mean, statistically yes there is, but we all know you can be as young or old and still enjoy gaming. Thereís videos all over the internet that exemplifies this and proves the point. But...itís honestly different when you actually have a conversation with someone who exemplifies this.

Iíve seen my interests in things come and go as Iíve grown older. Food that I didnít like as a kid donít seem so bad now. Or television shows I enjoyed as a kid seem to be difficult to understand why as Iíve gotten older. Gaming has been one of these things that Iíve wondered and often been afraid about - will I grow out of this? Is this a phase thatíll eventually pass? I donít ponder too long on the questions cause we really canít predict these things, but hearing from these callers make me a little more comfortable in the fact that it isnít likely my love of gaming will pass on or phase out.

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