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Psykoboy2 01-17-2017 07:04 AM

In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 02

Weíre really thrown off by fighting game soundtracks at the following link.

Like Nintendoís previous console releases thereís any number of puns I could make here involving the name of their latest - but none of us on the show are fathers so weíll leave the dad jokes to the experts.

But, like any parent, weíre (somewhat) responsible adults who look at spending three hundred dollars and try to see what value we have in it. So far, based on the launch library, weíre finding none. Look, I donít care if the console came with all the launch titles and still cost three hundred bucks, if they arenít games I want to play, then Iím not interested. And outside of Zelda, at the moment, thereís nothing else. And even with that I can play it on a WiiU, seemingly without any loss of visual quality or anything else for that matter outside of portability. And if everything we know were to hold true for the rest of the year, Iím still at a loss on spending three hundred dollars to play Zelda AND Mario come the fall. Iím sure other titles weíll be announced and shown off, but the WiiU never became an interest until just this past year with a great library of games to pick from and now you can toss Zelda into that which knocks the Switch down to ONE game Iíd be interested in.

I admit the allure is there. For me, anyway. Itís something new in the world of gadgets and games and thatís always a siren song for me, but Nintendo has shown me THREE times now that this isnít a console Iíll play at launch and weíll need to wait for the library to hopefully grow with some worthwhile exclusive titles. I say all of this knowing full well if they threw in something with Metroid Iíd be in on day one more than likely.

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