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  1. Superman's Dead
    12-21-2008 11:14 AM
    Superman's Dead
    I'm going home and have to leave my 360...and no internet access at my house in Missouri. Blasphemy, I know, but I'm gone all the time. When I look at all the fun you guys have online sometimes I cry.
  2. quidmonkey
    12-15-2008 07:41 PM
    I'm waiting...
  3. JayVe
    12-11-2008 11:17 PM
    Thanks! What I lack in skill, I make up for in sheer enthusiasm. You should see me at the candy store! :O
  4. Mr. Murphy
    12-10-2008 07:53 AM
    Mr. Murphy
    Nothing like a Time Paradox to ruin your day. It's going pretty well - wish me luck and I'll tell you what for if it works!
  5. Generation ABXY
    12-09-2008 11:40 PM
    Generation ABXY
    Don't worry about it. If I minded conversation, I wouldn't be at a forum.
  6. Mr. Murphy
    12-09-2008 07:13 AM
    Mr. Murphy
    Variable Gear?!?
  7. Generation ABXY
    12-02-2008 09:29 AM
    Generation ABXY
    I doubt it. Or, at least, not unless work sends me.
  8. Purple Santa
    11-26-2008 05:55 AM
    Purple Santa
    I fixed that for you
  9. Aggort
    11-21-2008 12:59 PM
    Yea I didn't agree with the entirety of it either. She had made a remark in a comment later on saying that when she wrote it, she was a bit upset over the whole thing, and even disagreed with herself in some statements :s But overall I thought she was pretty spot on. Nintendo hasn't changed, and honestly, it's really gamers and gaming that has. Ironically, Nintendo not changing is exactly what gamers call change. It's really odd.
  10. Aggort

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Posted 11-28-2008 at 04:58 AM Comments 4
Posted in News
So, here it is, straight into your bunker.

I might not be using my CoG Blog very much anymore. However, my three readers should not panic, because I will be making a new and attractive blog somewhere else on the net. Follow me there! Post tens of comments over the life of the blog. Login as anonymous and cause chaos. Anonymous, you so crazy!

Honestly, this has been in the works for a long time. I've been fiddling with blogging for the past few years, and I've...

Posted 11-05-2008 at 10:09 PM Comments 0

Yeah, this is probably the worst thing that Activision Blizzard could have announced. In a world where people are still playing Call of Duty 4, I'd argue that there is little room for a small update along the lines of World at War. Similarly, in a world where people are already heavily invested in the plastic guitar scene, the only impact that I can see resulting from the release of more games...

Posted 10-17-2008 at 10:54 PM Comments 1
Posted in Mother 3
I can't believe that it's really happening, but the Mother 3 fan translation is complete!


In addition, an unofficial English strategy guide for Mother 3 is going to be released next year, with an estimate print date of early January. I've got to preorder and get the pin!

Posted 10-17-2008 at 09:25 AM Comments 4
Posted in VG Features, fwiw
In my opinion, this great DLC saga began in 2006 with the addition of horse armor for our equine companions in Oblivion. That's right, gamers were asked to pay $2.50 for some armor for their horse, and, of course, the reception was not quite as positive as Bethesda would have liked. In fact, there was quite a bit of outcry.

That's right, Oblivion is a "different game" meaning that you've gotta

Posted 10-13-2008 at 01:15 PM Comments 5
This is a true honor! Thanks for checking out Mystery Gift for a second week. As a reward for your consistency, I am giving you this CD/DVD. Please don't click it!

If there is one thing that inspires me to continue gaming, it's my drive to explore. The sad thing for us explorer types is that there is no more uncharted territory to explore. There is nothing left for us discover on our world,...
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Of course I'll still...
Posted 12-03-2008 at 02:39 AM by Variable Gear Variable Gear is offline
Ah, good luck with all...
Posted 12-02-2008 at 11:37 PM by Generation ABXY Generation ABXY is offline
I'll do my best.
Posted 12-02-2008 at 05:04 PM by Variable Gear Variable Gear is offline
Hey man, be sure to...
Posted 12-02-2008 at 04:41 AM by Chris_D Chris_D is offline
Thanks, Kiel. That...
Posted 10-19-2008 at 02:01 PM by Variable Gear Variable Gear is offline

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