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I regularly blog at my online home, [URL=http://nerdflood.com]Nerdflood[/URL], and more recently at my Nintendo-themed blog [URL="http://itsdangeroustogoalone.com"]It's Dangerous to Go Alone[/URL]. I don't necessarily need another blog, but for the time being, I think I may cross-post some gaming-related content to both blogs, and maybe post some writing excerpts periodically.

This blog may also end up being the home to entries that I don't want posted to Nerdflood, such as items related directly to Colony of Gamers, and my participation within the community.

Enjoy! :D
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Playing Star Wars Epic Duels with my son

Posted 10-05-2008 at 09:21 PM by Doctor Setebos
Updated 10-10-2008 at 09:23 AM by Doctor Setebos (added categories)
This is the kind of post I would ordinarily make over on my own blog, [URL="http://nerdflood.com"]Nerdflood[/URL]. But since I plan on this post being pretty much a photo essay, I thought I might try out the CoG blogs by posting it here, instead.

So, today I found Star Wars Epic Duels in a dusty corner of the attic. My 6-year-old son, Caleb, begged me to teach him to play it. It made for a great way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon.

First match-up: the classic escape of Jango Fett (played by Caleb) from Kamino station as he is pursued by Mace Windu (hmmmm, that didn't happen in the movies....)

Confrontation! Mace is flanked by Jango and his counterpart, the assassin Zam Wessel.

Needless to say, the boy won that match fairly handily.

Second match-up! Yoda (Caleb) versus Darth Maul in the carbon freezing chamber of Cloud City.

Once again, I manage to get flanked by the enemy! I am truly horrible at this game.

I lose. Again.

Next match! Count Dooku (Caleb) versus Luke Skywalker!

The boy proved too much for me and my meager strategy (lack of) skill. Defeated again! The Force is strong with this one.

I'm only allowed four images per post or else there would have been more. But, never fear! The entire batch of photos from today's infamous match-ups can be found on our [url=http://flickr.com/photos/paynefamily/tags/starwars/]Flickr photostream tag for 'starwars'[/url].
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