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So What's So Great About...

Posted 11-01-2008 at 11:52 PM by muddi900
#2 Saints Row 2

I really liked Saints Row. I picked it up as something to play while waiting for the next GTA. It was fun game which provided lots of customization options.

It was a no brainer when they announced SR2. Of course there real problem was competing with the "behemoth" GTA IV. THQ came up with the most ingenious marketing campaign: going over the top. The newer activities really had me sold. But then I played the game.

The first thing I noticed was that the character detail was lower. The newer characters have a 24/7 shit-faced look to them. The explosion effects also look worse. Most of the game looks like a graphical downgrade.

What really bothered me was how lazy the developers had been. We are playing the in the same city with less graphical detail and the same crappy shooting system from he first game. 10 years ago something like wasn't called a sequel and it was called a mission pack. And even they added graphically instead of taking something away.

People jumping up and down and screaming how fun the activities are, what is up with that. Fuzz was fun and Hitman was good but the rest of them feel like they are forced in or improperly implemented. For example, why add a Fight Club activity when your melee combat sucks? Why in the heli-ride activity do you have pick gang members up when landing a chopper correctly in he game is like catching a chicken?

If you are looking for a different style sandbox game then GTA IV, GTA: San Andreas is available as an xbox original, as well as on PS2, which can be upscaled on a compatible PS3, and the PC. If you really want Saints Row, pick the first one up. It is way cheaper.
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GTA IV is about creating a boring world, and Saints Row is about creating a fun world.
Posted 12-01-2008 at 10:14 PM by Variable Gear Variable Gear is offline
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