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So What's So Great About...

Posted 10-15-2008 at 11:30 AM by muddi900
Updated 10-15-2008 at 11:32 AM by muddi900
Hello everyone!

This user blog thing is nice and sure to clean up useless opinion post from the lounger forum. I am mostly going to post about games or geek stuff that is too popular, but which I don't get. No I don't consider these things overrated. Its stuff that I disagree on with every body else. Here goes nothing.

#1 Crackdown

I know its an older game, but people still rave about how "fun" it is and I'm sick of looking like a troll in their threads. Was I playing the same game? All I saw was an open-world game with good jumping mechanics, bad level design and broken shooting mechanics.

First of all I liked to point out stuff that I admire about the game: Real Time Worlds had little to no emphasis on story. That was the first thing I noticed about the game. "Great", I thought,"means they spend more time refining the gameplay", but alas,they didn't. Its like a MMORPG, but single-player. All grind, and no noobs to pwn. The only thing remotely fun about it was jumping around, but that looses it's zing after 2 hours or when you go to the second island(whichever comes first).

The first island is great, with apartment complexes, a boardwalk and medium high buildings. But I think after they created this level, RTW fired all of their level design team and hired the Anubis II guys.

The less said about the shooting mechanism the better. It makes GTA3(shooting wise) look like Gears of War. Its downright horrid and further crippled by enemy Artificial Stupidity. *shudder*

But the worst thing about it was the game design. It's a game in which you may do anything, but you can't do much. You have an RPG-like quest system , where you may pursue bosses as you may please, but the story is fodder like an MMO. But you can't subdue any of them, you have to kill them. As I mentioned, It feels a lot like an MMO, except without much online functionality.

Of course, RTW did announce a MMO but then disappeared off the face of the planet. I'd really like to see that in action.

Hope you like this! Be sure leave your praises and criticisms.
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Variable Gear's Avatar
It's pretty unwise to criticize the narrative in Crackdown. In 2008, the game is an anachronism. It is an NES designed for the modern audience. There are bosses, and you must kill them because they exist. The shooting mechanics are kind of wonky, but that's because, unlike in GTA 3, you can target specific parts of a vehicle or an enemy. With an increase in functionality comes a minor increase in frustration. However, the general gameplay makes up for this failure. Running around the city collecting agility orbs is a joy and when the narrator correctly recognizes your actions and makes mention of them you can't help but smile.

Again, Crackdown is a far better game than GTA IV.
Posted 12-01-2008 at 10:23 PM by Variable Gear Variable Gear is offline
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