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No Offense But Pirates Suck

Posted 04-18-2009 at 10:11 AM by Telefrog
I just wanted to say a couple of things about the Demigod launch situation.

1. The easy take away from Brad's weekend post is to nod your head sagely and think that piracy is okay because Brad said it's all his fault for not anticipating the true amount of pirates. I think there's a world of difference between saying "This was our baby, so ultimately the blame should fall on us," and saying "Man, we royally fucked up with our game design and our DRM policy is a failure."

2. This is the part that may cause some offense:

Despite Brad's martyrdom, I don't think the pirates get a free pass on this. Yes, Stardock should've anticipated more pirates hitting their servers, maybe they shouldn't have had the game do a check right off the bat each time, etc. Hindsight 20/20 and all that.

They set up their system for 50,000 concurrent connections on launch. That's pretty damn good when the legit connections turned out to have been 18,000. That left 32,000 pirate connections open. Almost twice as much. The reality turned out to be six times as much! I know Stardock should've anticipated more pirates (I think a DotA action-heavy game appeals more to warez kiddies than a turn-based game like GalCiv 2, or a slow stately RTS like Sins) but six times more than the legit customers? Why not criticize Stardock for not having infinite resources as well?

If you downloaded the warez for Demigod and played it during this past launch week, even if you only tried it as a "demo" for an hour and rushed right out to buy it, you were part of the problem I'm sorry to say. You didn't know it, but by firing it up you were clogging shit up. You were one of those 102,000 connections spamming up the servers. You are directly to blame for the difficulties this game launch had.

The damage is done. Gamespot ran their review. IGN and 1up have now put out theirs. To folks that don't follow this stuff closely (and we know there are a lot of them) this game is crap according to Metacritic. A 70 average is the kiss of death for most game buyers on the fence.

Because of you and your ilk, publishers now have another example of why stricter DRM is needed.
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Good post! I don't know the exact details about the game but it seems to me that they should have at least had a unique multiplayer key delivered with each game (the digital copy too). This key would be required for online play. I think historically this has been shown to be the best method to limit piracy of your game. Also, in this case it would limit the ability of pirates to connect to the multiplayer servers.
Posted 04-18-2009 at 03:35 PM by Chris_D Chris_D is offline
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