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Tsumego Set #4

Posted 06-05-2009 at 11:39 AM by shunoshi
Tsumego time!

As usual, they're seperated into Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced categories.

All problems are for black to play.

The images contain downloadable SGF files that you can use to try and solve the problems. If you don't have an SGF Viewer and want one, check out MultiGo or CGoban, both are good (and CGoban can be used to play on KGS).

If you think you know the answer, you can post the play sequence here (just make sure you use spoiler tags so it doesn't ruin others' chances to solve them).



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Kielaran's Avatar
Ugh, I thought this would start looking easier since I started playing. Oh well, here goes:
Elementary:At first I was going to say B6...but from the way I see it, that would play out B6b, D6w...then watever, ruining the possibilities of 2 eyes. I guess it would be C7, opening up possibilities to cap the upper left for 1 eye and then the second eye would be in the D row.
Int.: At first I leaned on B5, but A6 getting taken would ruin any abilities to put white in atari from what I see. The best tihng I see (which is probably too safe, is D8, trying to trap white. The other possibility I see is D5, protecting C6/D6 making it harder for white to get eyes in there and closing off the area.

Meh, long winded and still I didn't have a definite answer.
Posted 06-08-2009 at 11:33 AM by Kielaran Kielaran is offline
shunoshi's Avatar
Alright, looks like you're starting to pick up on some of this!

Elementary: C7 is a good first move, then white follows with D6. What do you play next?

Intermediate: Your first intuition was correct, B5 is the vital point splitting the 2 groups. Here's the full sequence: bB5, wA5, bC5, wA7, bD5, wA6, bD8. The entire group is dead. If white responds to bB5 with wC5, black can play at D5. Now if white caps with A5, black can play a snapback move at B5 capturing the lower group. If you start the sequence with bD8, white plays at B5, solidifying his group with ample space to make 2 eyes (in ko). bD8, wB5, bA7, wA8, placing the group in a ko fight (not as good as an outright kill).
Posted 06-08-2009 at 04:39 PM by shunoshi shunoshi is offline
Kielaran's Avatar
Well, I'm glad to have something right!

The best I see is go B6, white goes D7, taking 2 stones, black goes A7, making 2 eyes. I am confused if there is something better. I had wanted to play D7 next but I see that leads to all the stones being taken (whiteD5.
Posted 06-08-2009 at 04:57 PM by Kielaran Kielaran is offline
shunoshi's Avatar
Woot! That's the answer. Small sacrifice for life.
Posted 06-08-2009 at 05:00 PM by shunoshi shunoshi is offline
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