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The Woes of using an HTPC for gaming

Posted 03-11-2009 at 05:55 PM by Jackel
Back in December, I decided to invest in a new PC that I could use to watch TV / Movies on my HDTV, as well as do some high end PC gaming (my laptop was starting to chug).

It turns out that I forgot one factor.....using the TV as a PC monitor, keeps the TV itself from being used by someone else.

This has been a point of contention lately between my wife and I. She likes having the TV on in the background, while she cleans / cooks / relaxes. Which would be fine if we had a second TV, sadly we don't. Not only that but she can't use the wii (or wii fit)

So now whenever I want to do any sort of work, web browsing, or gaming, I have to try and avoid the inevitable argument involving me hogging the TV.

my point? Don't use your TV with your PC if a)You don't have two TV's
b)You have a significant other who will want to use that exact tv for other purposes.

I bet it happens a lot with consoles, someone wants to play a game while someone else has a show they wish to watch.

Does anyone out there have these problems too?
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