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Lack Of Sleep/Figuring Out APIs

Posted 10-06-2008 at 03:39 AM by Raen
Updated 10-06-2008 at 03:43 PM by Raen
So term started today. God I need more sleep. At some point this week I have a meeting with my supervisor (it'd be nice if he told me when) so that'll probably lead to some huge update on what's going on. I've actually researched the Win32 APIs for getting info about wireless networks (sorry Linux users, you may be left out in the cold on this). None of them look overly complex, although of course I've never made a call to a system API before. So we'll have to see what happens. Also trying to figure out how to pass a call from Java through to the system. I think the Java Native Interface might cover it. Or learning to code in C/C++. Joy.
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