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Dragon Age: Kicking My Ass Since 2009

Posted 11-05-2009 at 10:55 AM by Goronmon
So, at this point I think itís safe to say that Dragon Age is a very good game. One thing I definitely underestimated, however, was its difficulty. Even on normal I am finding that Iím running into quite a bit of trouble on certain sections. Enough trouble, in fact, that I think I will reroll my warrior and focus more on Constitution than I had been. My goal was go for an offensive sword and board style, but as a melee character, my health was shown as lacking.

I guess game difficulty has shifted over time. While Iím playing on Normal on Dragon Age and finding it very challenging, most games these days tend to treat ďNormalĒ as the setting one uses for a mostly retry-free playthrough of the game. Though Iím glad that developers are still providing more challenging gaming experiences, it would be nice to not have to translate the difficulty setting between games.
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