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Hello, miserable humans. This is the glorious blog that my god-like countenance deigns to bless your miserable eye-flesh with. I shall even take the disgusting guise of an aging "gamer nerd" so your puny synapses will accept my glorious visions. Enjoy reading, decaying flesh bags.

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I beat the meat.... boy.

Posted 10-26-2010 at 08:46 PM by shodan2020
I beat Super Meat Boy today.

Right after I had seen Rocky I for the first time... coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, it is a punishingly great game... and it's still not over. There are still plenty of levels (Cotton Alley, which you play as Bandage Girl in a little role reversal), light and dark to conquer, bandages to collect and characters to unlock.

Super stoked about it though. I got my lil' meat boy avatar item too! WHOO HOOO!

BTW, Cotton Alley has some of the most insane and sick levels I've encountered. It's not bush league and some of them make Hell and Rapture levels look like a fucking walk in the park.... I'm looking at you "Panic Attack" and "Spinal Tap".
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