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From the twisted mind of arguably the most annoying (but loveable) poster on the internet comes an equally twisted view of reality--with the occasional dumb joke.
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Spring Has Sprung...

Posted 03-10-2010 at 09:57 AM by Dorkandproudofit
Updated 03-10-2010 at 05:52 PM by Dorkandproudofit
And my allergies are going nuts.

I'm posting this while regularly wiping my nose with kleenex to stop the constant running from getting all over me, my head feels like it's about to explode, I'm constantly clearing my throat...

Ugh. What a way to spend Spring Break.


I've been playing Mass Effect 2 a second time to get a better ending, and I must say it only gets better with every subsequent playthrough. I intend to keep my relationship with Ash from ME1 intact this time, as that might make for a better story in ME3 IMO. That's what I love about Mass Effect--it's not just a game. It's an interactive MOVIE.


For those of you who have not read the amazing webcomic known as Axe Cop, go to the linked site. Now.

You'll thank me later.


Well, that's all for now. My body feels like jelly and my head seems to weigh a ton. I'm gonna take a mucinex and an Ibuprofin and see if that helps. If not, then I guess I'll just lie down the rest of the day.

Seriously, FUCK allergy season.

On to the Next,

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TrackZero's Avatar
Axe Cop poster, so tempting:

Posted 03-10-2010 at 03:16 PM by TrackZero TrackZero is offline
TrackZero's Avatar
Hrm, apparently can't post images in the blog comments...

Posted 03-10-2010 at 03:17 PM by TrackZero TrackZero is offline
Dorkandproudofit's Avatar
Nah, it worked fine.
Posted 03-10-2010 at 05:44 PM by Dorkandproudofit Dorkandproudofit is offline
Wraith's Avatar
Ah, axecop.com's disabled direct linking. So the image only shows up if it's in your cache already.

As for Spring, I may not be dealing with allergies (the touch of cold I had 2-3 weeks back is gone), but melting snow & crappy road conditions are here, right on schedule.
Posted 03-11-2010 at 01:08 PM by Wraith Wraith is offline
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