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Hello, miserable humans. This is the glorious blog that my god-like countenance deigns to bless your miserable eye-flesh with. I shall even take the disgusting guise of an aging "gamer nerd" so your puny synapses will accept my glorious visions. Enjoy reading, decaying flesh bags.

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That dog won't hunt.

Posted 09-30-2009 at 02:44 PM by shodan2020
Updated 09-30-2009 at 02:47 PM by shodan2020
So, I had a rather harrowing experience yesterday morning on transport.

I was at the transport site and all the pets were loaded and I was tallying up the paperwork with the pets and breaking down the numbers by sex in the cab of the box truck. All of a sudden I hear these really loud snapping and breaking noises and the truck starts to shake a little bit side to side. We had a few pits on board and one was a little hyperactive, this is usually normal. Some of the bigger dogs will try to bust out, but they usually give up after a few minutes, so I let it go on for a bit thinking that the dog will settle down. It doesn't and the snapping noises continue. I place my call and report the numbers to HQ and go around back to check on the commotion. I open the door to the back slowly and one of the pits, Lina has indeed broken out of her crate. She actually pulled the metal crate door inwards, bending the metal pegs and snapping off some of the plastic on the crate.

This in itself isn't that big of a deal, I've had dogs do a jailbreak before, all I need to do is get another crate, so I close and lock the door and go find Kris, the shelter manager/transport contact for that transport. I let her know what happened and she tells me to pull around to the crate storage area so we can get another crate. I head back to the cab and go around back of the truck, as I pass the back end of the truck I hear a loud bang and what sounds like frantic scraping noises coming from the back door of the truck. I assume that it's the pit trying to bust out of the back by ramming the back door. I hurry and move the truck to the storage area and Kris meets me there. I pull out a leash for the dog and I open the door.

Kris and I are utterly shocked as we see Lina savaging a cat from another crate! The cat, Pumpkin is in total shock and is sprawled helplessly on its back, mouth agape. Kris looks at me and says, "Do you want to grab the dog or the cat?!" I say, "Dog." I grab Lina's chest and push her away from Pumpkin, she hadn't clamped down on Pumpkin so that was enough for Kris to quickly grab Pumpkin and get her the hell out of there. Meanwhile, Lina is digging her claws into the metal of the truck bed, trying to get enough traction to overpower my hold on her and get back after the cat. She tries to knock me off balance by ramming against me, but I hold firm. She wasn't even remotely interested in me and completely focused on Pumpkin. Kris returns and clamps her hand down on Lina's mouth and lets me slip the leash around her. On the ground, Lina tries to bolt for the door that she saw Kris take Pumpkin into and I pull back on the leash.

As I'm processing what just happened, I hand the leash off to Kris and tell her that I will not transport that dog because of her break out risk and the fact that she had torn the door off of a cat carrier and pulled out a cat to kill it. It was horrifying an amazing what that dog did. I obtained some water and a towel to clean up the spilled blood and got back on the road.

Reflecting on my way back to the clinic, I put the pieces together and realize that the loud bang and scratching noises I heard on my way to move the truck wasn't the dog trying to break out, but it was the dog throwing the cat against the door and the cat trying to escape with it's life.

I called Kris later that afternoon to check up on Pumpkin. They had managed to get her to a vet quick enough so she could be treated for her wounds, and I saw her this afternoon recovering at the shelter. She looked really well for a kitty that had been viciously attacked by a pit 24 hours ago. Lina, as you might expect was put down later the previous day. I feel sorta bad, because she seemed like a nice enough dog when we loaded her, but yeah, after what happened later on, there was no argument.

That was probably the most intensely fucked up thing that's ever happened to me on transport. I'm just glad that Lina didn't turn on me. 50 lbs of angry pit is no place to be... for anything.

While this was a scary incident regarding a pit, I honestly don't hate or fear them as a whole. I've met too many wonderful, nice pitties on my transporting journeys to chalk one bad one up for an entire group of dogs. One of our techs has a few and they are some of the sweetest most energetic dogs I've met.
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Chris_D's Avatar
I've never owned a dog but the reports of incidents often seem to come from families who had a pit that was previously a model dog. Then one day it suddenly ravages one of their children. I think the message is that pits need to be managed responsibly, and if you have young children they are probably not the dog for you. The animal can't even be blamed, they probably have some trace inherited instincts that haven't been fully domesticated out.

Glad you made it through the incident safely!
Posted 09-30-2009 at 08:00 PM by Chris_D Chris_D is offline
Xerxes's Avatar
I had a run in with a couple of pups(pit mixes they look like) yesterday. Apparently, I came at them too aggressive. They were barking at my mom, and I told them to get the fuck away and I was waving my hand high to look bigger. They ran but then I then charged at them and I could see their mom(not much bigger but a grown up pit for sure). Looked like she urged to keep up the noise.

I got lower in stance and was growling, and barking and I had a butter knife I was using to keep them away. I felt myself flinch, and I thought they could sense it so I ran. If my mom wasn't there to remind me I was human I think we would have threw down. Her yelling for me to stop is what made me back down. Me and a butter knife vs 3 pits.

Funny thing, I saw the dogs, then I saw my door slam in their face. It is about 25 meters away but I don't remember running or being out of breathe. It's like I teleported almost. Moving a 330lbs out of shape body that fast isn't easy. I think I might be the Flash.

Sweet sweet adrenaline.
Posted 09-30-2009 at 08:16 PM by Xerxes Xerxes is offline
Updated 09-30-2009 at 08:20 PM by Xerxes
shodan2020's Avatar
That's a bad idea in general. The mom could have charged you and knocked you to the ground and you would have been in real trouble. She would have been defending her young and all amped up.
Posted 09-30-2009 at 08:52 PM by shodan2020 shodan2020 is offline
shodan2020's Avatar
The thing is with pits, and most dogs is that they are only as good as their owners/previous owners. We've had St. Bernards, Rotts, and Great Pyrenees come in that are totally fine around their owners but once they are gone they act completely different. We've never had that bad of an incident with any of the dogs that have come in. If they are big enough and aggressive enough, we just don't deal with them.

I have a scratch scar the edge of my left palm from a supposedly docile cat, so it goes both ways.
Posted 09-30-2009 at 08:57 PM by shodan2020 shodan2020 is offline
Xerxes's Avatar
The mom was the one I planned to stab first. I know falling to the ground is where shit goes down hill. I had no intentions of letting that happen. It would of been hard, but I have dreamed of fighting dogs for while. Not like that though. I was thinking about going to buy a air soft guns with the pointed BB tips for when I got home. But they didn't come over last night. Also I was amped to super human speed. Maybe my strength was on par too.

I like the odds with my shovel though.

Side note, my dad plans to go talk to them about that sh*t cause they barked at him this morning. So it's like y'all have to do something or y'all will end up with dead dogs or possibly a heart person. Although I think we too cautious for that. Except my crazy ass and a shovel.
Posted 09-30-2009 at 10:20 PM by Xerxes Xerxes is offline
Updated 09-30-2009 at 10:25 PM by Xerxes
Xerxes's Avatar
Posted 10-01-2009 at 08:08 AM by Xerxes Xerxes is offline
shodan2020's Avatar
You should definitely speak with the owners, taking on the dogs hand to paw isn't a good idea. They have a much lower center of gravity than you and I don't think your legs (or anyone's aside from a body builders) are capable of taking 40-50 pounds of force coming at them. They'd take your legs out and you'd be done or they'd clamp on one of your arms.
Posted 10-01-2009 at 01:57 PM by shodan2020 shodan2020 is offline
Xerxes's Avatar
Sounds like a challenge to me. Can the take a 330 pound man rolling on top of them?
Posted 10-02-2009 at 12:44 AM by Xerxes Xerxes is offline
shodan2020's Avatar
You seem to be forgetting that most pits are solid muscle, they are very quick, strong, and agile. Again, I would discourage you from trying to pick a fight with them, I like playing Shadowrun with you and I wouldn't want to see you layed up in the hospital or worse.
Posted 10-02-2009 at 07:32 AM by shodan2020 shodan2020 is offline
Xerxes's Avatar
I'd still bet on me. But I know how much crazier I am. And I'll keep my shovel at hand, just so I don't have to hurt my gaming arms.
Posted 10-02-2009 at 08:58 AM by Xerxes Xerxes is offline
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