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06-03-2009, 11:59 AM
Scott actually has a good experience with Warner Bros. once finding the actual booth. I'll let him go into details:

BOOM! I'm darting over trying to make my way to Warner Bros. I didn't even know how to find them. The place was gigantic. I ran into a Batman display but looking around further discovered it was Eidos' set up. I didn't have to look for much longer though, as the big Warner Water Tower was seen rising over other booths and displays told me where to go. There was Batman on display, LOTR, Lego Rock Band, Terminator, Watchmen: The End Is Nigh, and quite a few DS and Wii titles being shown off.

This is where I learned that things were going to be different. You wouldn't be talking to devs, it wasn't going to be quiet, and you were going to have to get a lot of info in a VERY short amount of time. I was being given what is called, simply, a "booth tour". Here's our booth, here's what is in our booth, oh darn our hour is up.

I didn't want to jump immediately to Batman, but without knowing really where to begin, I asked the guy to surprise me (I do that a lot with things, even ordering food). "Have you seen Scribblenauts?", he asked. This rang a bell in my head as I'd remembered some CoGgers asking about it. So Scribblenauts it was. And surprised I was. It's a title for the DS and it's a bit like a puzzle game. At least for the two levels I was shown. You are collecting stars, but in order to get them, you have to achieve an unknown goal in the game. You're given a scenerio, in a sense, but you aren't told what to do. It's like if you saw a guy standing on one side of a gap looking at the other side. Likely your first thought would be how to get him to the other side. Type in "bridge" and presto, a bridge is formed and you place it where it needs to go. Guy crosses and you're rewarded. I know it sounds easy, but sometimes the solution isn't always as obvious, and sometimes there can be multiple solutions.

I was first shown a scenario with 7 other little characters standing on the screen. All of them were in different uniforms. I noticed a policeman and a chef and was asked what we should put in their hands. It would need to be something they would use in their jobs as determined by their uniforms. Giving a policeman a frying pan wouldn't work. Again, just type what you want to appear and it will appear. I thought it was all just pretty basic. "Gun", "Pan", "Spoon" - those all worked, but then I asked how many objects could the game recognize in words. Tens of thousands was the answer I got back. Well...now it was time to get creative. I was wracking my head to try to find something they may have missed, but EVERYTHING was in there. The game would even spell check you and ask if you meant something close to what you might have misspelled. The whole thing was just a very unique experience and one I could see myself enjoying. Especially given how I play DS games. I'm a very open, play a little. close kind of DS player and this little game would fit perfectly for me.

After that it was a quick look at a Scooby-Doo title for the Wii. I didn't get to play or get nearly as much info as I did on Scribblenauts, but I did enjoy what I was seeing. Scooby and Shaggy on screen going through a level. These are Wii'd versions of the cast though. Almost "Pup Named Scooby-Doo" like in their appearance. What it really reminded me of, was the Lego titles. I mean, it isn't "Lego Scooby-Doo", but the level design and interaction was very much the same. Two players on screen, drop-in/out co-op, and all the cast members playable and interchangeable.

Moving on (told you it was quick), I finally got a chance to look at Batman: Arkham Asylum. I should tell you now I'll be seeing this title again and talking to some other people about it, so this information, while official, isn't ALL the information I'll be getting on it (I hope).

This is the Batman game you've wanted. It all works and works so very, very well. It looks great, it plays great, and there's still more to it we don't yet know. I was told to expect about 15 to 20 hours of gameplay (including the challenge rooms, both stealth and hand-to-hand combat). My eyes widened a bit when I was told that, but I was also told they weren't done revealing the villains. I also got a big grin of a "I can't say at the moment" when I asked if the 360 would get any kind of exclusive like the PS3 was getting. And by the way, while the Joker is playable in the PS3 version, it is still JUST the challenge rooms you get to control him in.

While talking to the rep, he told me the dev team grew up on Batman: The Animated Series, and that this is exactly what they were going for. This game takes place in THAT universe. This is why you have the writer and the voice talent you're hearing in this game. They literally "grew up" the Batman: The Animated Series. This is what you are getting with this game, and this is a lot of the reason why I think it works.

Ink Asylum
06-03-2009, 12:19 PM
I'm really looking forward to Scribblenauts. I don't expect it to be challenging, but I do expect it to be a lot of fun thinking up odd items and seeing them used in game.

Glad to hear about Batman. If this one succeeds I hope we'll get a sequel that is a bit more outdoors, with an Assassin's Creed style of rooftop stalking.

06-03-2009, 09:42 PM
Batman sounds fantastic, glad to read your positive report on it!