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[Site News] Upcoming Changes to CoG
Apr 27, 2017 - 8:39 AM - by Curt 'Mot Wakorb' LeCaptain
A few upcoming notes on CoG:

1. I will be migrating the site to a new IP address in the next week. I don't have the date because I'm still doing testing for item #2. This should be transparent, I'll do the "if you can see this, you're on the old site" post on the old web server when I move it.

2. We are switching to be a TLS-only site. With viable free options like Let's Encrypt, there is no excuse for us to not be using it. That will happen at the same time I move the site. I will put an automatic redirect in so that if you go to the standard HTTP site, you're forwarded to the HTTPS site.

3. I've been testing with XenForo as a backend for CoG for some time now. Basically, I have the technical details of how to set the site up and move things, it's just looks that are an issue. If you're good with design, hit me up with a PM, I could use your help. This version of our site is rather old and uses some quite old PHP, so it is time to move on. Expect that in the next few months.

4. Are you aware we have a Discord server? Our very own Troggles set it up. Check it out here!

5. One last item, another of our group (RandoM51) has setup a modded Minecraft server that is permissions-based to get into. It has been migrated to our new server as well, why not go check it out if you are interested?

If there are other gaming services you're interested in, let Mot Wakorb know - if it can be hosted on Linux, he can host it. In the past we've also had things like a L4D2 server, Teamspeak server, and vanilla Minecraft. Drop a PM if you're interested in more services!
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In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 15
Apr 25, 2017 - 6:51 AM - by Scott 'Psykoboy2' Benton

Thereís a whole lot of chiptunes at the following link.

We didnít start the conversation near soon enough to find any sort of completion on the show, but how do you change up the common WW2 shooter? Actually, how do you change up nearly any shooter?

I think we all have ideas on how we could mess around with things and put different spins, and weíve seen developers try new things before but what we havenít seen much of, that we could remember, was a shooter based in WW2 from the perspective of the German soldier. We got some calls about this during the show and people didnít seem all that against it, but I canít help but think thereís a chart in almost every studio that develops shooters with a massive (or even short but immensely important) list of reasons why it canít happen. I mean, this has to have come up and for one reason or another is just not possible. Or it is, but it isnít marketable. Or something else I havenít thought of.

Can it be done? Sure, I think it can, and I wouldnít be surprised if it has already in some way been done and Iím forgetting it. Can it be done now and if so, how do you market something like that? For that matter, how do you build it? Whatís the story, do you keep the politics in it, do you make it just one level - a lot like the ďNo RussianĒ mission in Modern Warfare 2?

I think thereís a lot of discussion there and maybe one weíll really focus on in a future episode to get a better grasp on the subject and have more time to talk about it. Until then, however, weíd like to know your thoughts in the comments or feel free to email us what you think.
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[Report] SNES Mini Console In The Works
Apr 19, 2017 - 7:00 AM - by Michael 'DoctorFinger' Chauvet
Last week we learned that Nintendo would be killing the NES Classic mini console. Now, according to Eurogamer, the other shoe drops: a SNES Classic mini console is on track for a launch this holiday season.

Details beyond that are slim, but what else do you need to know? The only question is whether this will include both SNES and NES games, or be limited to offerings from the 16 bit era. I presume an announcement will be coming around E3, which kicks off in about 10 weeks.

Source - Eurogamer
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In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 14
Apr 18, 2017 - 7:37 AM - by Scott 'Psykoboy2' Benton

Thereís a strange but familiar voice at the following link.

Gonna be talking about the Scorpio, again. Actually, itís more about the direction Microsoft is moving in or the direction Phil Spencer is taking it. We talk about a lot of what heís doing to turn the tide for Microsoft and itís all good news for consumers. Mostly.

Refunds on digital content is great. We loved it on Steam and we welcome it in our console space as well. Complete backwards compatability down the line (One, S, Scorpio), thatís also great as well as the desire to have the new system (and systems down the line) portmap to the previous systems. Just as an aside, thatís a really small thing, I know, but as someone who tries to keep his cables managed and neat, not having to go through all that again with a new console is a small victory overall but a big one for me.

Still, we have to fall back on what we said last week and what we say any time a new console gets released - where are the games? Switch buyer over here aside, youíve got to have something to play on the brand new shiny play thing thatís only job is to play things. I get that itíll make my pre-existing Xbox library look better, but that library isnít very big as it is (minus whatever is backwards compatible from the 360 days). Itís a very small stack that only seems to increase to an average one or two games per year. Seriously, 2016 saw me pick up Gears and Forza. Anything else was either exclusive to PS4/PC or multi platform where the options were better on another system.

Of course, E3 is on the horizon. Iím sure there is more to be known about the new console, but itíll be the games Iíll be interested in. They need the exclusives and itís pretty much a given with Scorpio theyíll have the better machine in the market until Sony does something and that can win over in the multi platform battle for a little while. I wonder if this is the kind of leap frog weíre going to see in the coming years between Sony & Microsoft. Instead of winning wars and generations - theyíll just be winning a year here and there until the competition takes over for a year or so and then back and forth. I also wonder if the marketplace can sustain such a thing. Iím kind of excited to find out.
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Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer
Apr 14, 2017 - 11:16 AM - by Michael 'DoctorFinger' Chauvet

In case you hadn't seen it yet. Star Wars: The Last Jedi, coming this December.
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Nintendo Kills NES Classic
Apr 13, 2017 - 1:10 PM - by Michael 'DoctorFinger' Chauvet
The hot gift for the holidays won't make it to the summer. Nintendo has confirmed that the current shipment of NES Classic systems headed out to stores will be the last for the mini console.

Throughout April, NOA territories will receive the last shipments of Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition systems for this year. We encourage anyone interested in obtaining this system to check with retail outlets regarding availability. We understand that it has been difficult for many consumers to find a system, and for that we apologize. We have paid close attention to consumer feedback, and we greatly appreciate the incredible level of consumer interest and support for this product.
Apparently the NES Classic was always intended to be a limited term product, and Nintendo extended it's life after the swell of consumer interest. But the mini console is still in short supply at retail, and the cessation of the product seems like a strange decision. They could be trying to push people towards the Switch (although I can't say with authority how many of these game are available on that platform's storefront), or may a new piece of bespoke, retro hardware is in the works at Big N?

Source - Polygon
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Xbox and Windows 10 digital purchases to offer refunds.
Apr 13, 2017 - 11:09 AM - by 'muddi900'

Games played less than 2 hours or owned for less than two weeks eligible for refunds. https://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/com..._for_xbox_one/
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In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 13
Apr 11, 2017 - 8:01 AM - by Scott 'Psykoboy2' Benton

Our train of thought derails quite often at the following link.

I have a lot more in my head about The Last Guardian than was said on the show. Mainly because I finished the game the night after we finished this episode. I want to talk about that and I think I will, but probably on next weekís show.

For this weekís episode we talk about Microsoftís new console, Project Scorpio. It wasnít really revealed this past week but the guts of whatís inside of it were. So we have an idea on the power of this thing. Thatís all well and good and at least lets us know that Microsoft wasnít just spouting specs at E3 last year - they are actually backing up the claims. Now...show us the games. Thatís usually our go to line when it comes to new consoles, but...weíre in a bit of a boat like the PS4 Pro, sort of. You canít adequately show 4K gaming footage. Itís like 3D - it needs to be seen to be believed. Also, given their determination of EVERYTHING released for the new console will be able to be played on the old consoles (the One and One S), it doesnít really lend itself to people going out and spending money on the most expensive machine on the shelf at the time. It may be a Microsoft exclusive game, but youíll have options on what machine you can play that game on. DO NOT misunderstand - weíre fine with that idea. Sony is doing it with the PS4 Pro and Nintendo did it for their most wanted game of the past few years. Itís good when companies donít alienate, but then, how do you ever drive sales of a new console when youíre old ones will get the job done just fine (with a little less shine)?

Keep in mind the guy saying all this bought a Nintendo Switch.
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Thor Ragnarok Teaser
Apr 10, 2017 - 9:13 AM - by Michael 'DoctorFinger' Chauvet

There may not be any movie this year I'm looking forward to more than Thor Ragnarok, and this teaser just makes me more excited. The Thor films overall haven't been as good as the rest of the MCU output, but this new direction for the franchise looks like it was made just for me.
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Nintendo Download: Switch Edition [Apr 6, 2017]
Apr 09, 2017 - 4:38 PM - by Evian 'Evil Avnovice' Machore
This week's download (in my opinion) is headlined by Graceful Explosion Machine, an arcade-style shooter that focuses on racking up combos for huge scores. Has Been Heroes finally hits Europe, and the next title from Hamster's ACA NeoGeo series is Alpha Mission II.

North America

*Lego City Undercover ($59.99)
*Graceful Explosion Machine ($12.99)
*ACA NeoGeo Alpha Mission II ($7.99)
*Vroom in the Night Sky ($9.99)
*Just Dance 2017 demo


*Graceful Explosion Machine (Ä12.99/£9.99)
*Has Been Heroes (Ä24.99/£19.99)
*ACA NeoGeo Alpha Mission II (Ä6.99/£6.29)
*Lego City Undercover (Ä59.99/£49.99)
*Just Dance 2017 demo


*Vroom in the Night Sky released to very negative feedback. Those who played the import said that it was pretty bland, and the recent update doesn't seemingly fix it.

*For those who wanted to play Lego City Undercover, but never played, or were interested in the WiiU original, there were early reports that the Switch version suffers from the exact same problem of lengthy load times when exiting from indoor areas into the overworld area. The PC version is allegedly unplayable. I have personally not heard how the Xbox One/PS4 versions fare, so I would exercise caution and steer clear of this one for the moment.
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In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 12
Apr 04, 2017 - 3:30 PM - by Scott 'Psykoboy2' Benton

Christmas comes early for one of us at the following link.

I shouldnít let addictions get to me, but I guess thatís what addictions do, really. Iím also pretty dead set on never letting this one touch me, however. I talk about it in the episode but Destiny has a new record book. Itís the biggest one theyíve ever had and it tracks stats with specific things you do and have done in the game. Some of it was retroactive and I guess Iím glad more of it WASNíT, because it really might have gotten to me if more of this thing had been filled in automatically. And it would have, to be sure. Thereís a lot with my 3 characters that Iíve done to easily fill in their respective pages in the record book.

Thereís one thing, however, that I havenít done. Well, thereís a lot actually and even though some of those seem out of reach, they are achievable. With a lot of work and consistent play, I could actually make those things happen (he says, eyeballing the Lighthouse). But there is one that I can never obtain. It is out of my reach and I missed it about 2 years ago. I can never get it back. Itís gone forever. And my ability to 100 percent this thing goes with it. No matter what I do Iíll have a 99.99 percent staring back at me for the rest of time. And so...Iím going to leave it be. I donít know what itís at right now but itís so far from 99.99 that it doesnít bother me. I mean, to be fair, Iím bothered I canít do a full run on this thing, but whatever - it is completely out of my control and those are things I never let bother me - in life or in gaming.

I hate you Destiny. I canít wait for Destiny 2.
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Nintendo Download: Switch Edition [Mar 30, 2017]
Mar 30, 2017 - 5:54 PM - by Evian 'Evil Avnovice' Machore
This week we have Sumo Digital's Snake Pass, Frozenbyte's Has Been Heroes, and the original Metal Slug.

North America

*Has Been Heroes ($19.99)
*Snake Pass ($19.99)
*ACA NeoGeo Metal Slug ($7.99)


*Snake Pass (€19.99/£15.99)
*ACA NeoGeo Metal Slug (€6.99/£6.29)

Note: Has Been Heroes and Snake Pass actually released earlier ahead of this week's Nintendo Download on the 28th this week.

Note 2: The european/austrailian release of Has Been Heroes has been delayed until Apr 4, if anyone was wondering why it's absent from that region's Nintendo Download this week.
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PSA - It's Nearly THAT DAY Again
Mar 30, 2017 - 1:49 PM - by Michael 'DoctorFinger' Chauvet
The calendar may only say March 30 now, but that means April 1 is just around the corner. And since April Fools' Day will fall on a Saturday this year, expect lots of 'early' "jokes" '''tomorrow'''.

As always, we will endevour to not post any alternative facts, but please use this thread as a clearinghouse of the best and worst of the day.

And one final time: don't believe anything you see on the internet for the next few days. Be skeptical, trust nothing, pray to the red woman.
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Destiny 2 Cinematic Reveal Trailer
Mar 30, 2017 - 11:26 AM - by Michael 'DoctorFinger' Chauvet

The next trailer for Destiny 2 has dropped. Here's how Bungie handicaps the plot.
Humanityís last safe city has fallen to an overwhelming invasion force, led by Ghaul, the imposing commander of the brutal Red Legion. He has stripped the cityís Guardians of their power, and forced the survivors to flee. You will venture to mysterious, unexplored worlds of our solar system to discover an arsenal of weapons and devastating new combat abilities. To defeat the Red Legion and confront Ghaul, you must reunite humanityís scattered heroes, stand together, and fight back to reclaim our home.
A few thoughts:

- Coming to XB1, PS4 & PC on September 8, so PC gamers can get in on the fun this time around.

- Bungie is really leaning into the humor in these first couple of trailers, which is a drastic change from almost all D1 promotional material. I (almost) always think humor makes games better, so this is an improvement.

- I really want more details on gameplay changes.
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In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 11
Mar 28, 2017 - 7:15 AM - by Scott 'Psykoboy2' Benton

Our lips are moving but we arenít saying anything at the following link.

How bad does something have to be before you canít put up with it anymore? Loaded question, I know, so letís constrain it to what we know best - video games. Itís sort of the video game version of the chicken/egg question. If a game plays phenomenally with a fantastic story but looks like crap, is it still a good game? If a game looks amazing but the story is weak, is it still a good game? I think all of these are subjective to the player. In the end itís up to them on if they got their moneyís worth and if their time was spent well with a game.

None of us have played Mass Effect Andromeda, but at least from the people we spoke with on this episode who have, theyíre easily enjoying what they are playing regardless of what they might be seeing. The animations have their drawbacks at times but it isnít enough to take them away from the enjoyment the game is giving them. Itís a win for them and seems to come highly recommended. Itís what works for them.

So what about you? Where does a game succeed or fail for you? Does it need to hit certain points on all levels to be something youíll enjoy or can a game knock it out of the park in one single area for you to look past the other faults? We have reviews and videos for other people to tell us what they think. We even have our show for that. But really, after all is said and done, itís up to you, the player, to make those choices for what works best for you.
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2 Destiny 2 Furious
Mar 27, 2017 - 1:51 PM - by Michael 'DoctorFinger' Chauvet

Surprising absolutely no one, Destiny 2 has been announced, with a September release likely in the cards. The teaser image above doesn't reveal much - The Traveler has seemingly eclipsed the sun, and many things are on fire - but expect another six months of reveals going forward. We do know for sure that your non-cosmetic progress from Destiny 1 won't carry over to the sequel. In most games, this wouldn't be noteworthy - you can count on 1 hand the number of RPGs in the last 2 decades that included full carryover - but Destiny's hardcore fanbase wasn't happy with this decision.

I thought the original Destiny was a very good game, which hinted at the greatness that could come. I dearly hope the sequel meets, or surpasses, that potential.
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Justice League Trailer
Mar 25, 2017 - 9:35 AM - by Michael 'DoctorFinger' Chauvet

I dearly hope this Justice League movie is good. I'm not getting my hopes up - WB hasn't made a good movie based on a DC property without Chris Nolan in a quarter century - but this trailer isn't terrible. It is awfully monochrome, but the powers that be seem allergic to color.

Justice League hits theaters in November.
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Nintendo Download: Switch Edition [Mar 23, 2017]
Mar 23, 2017 - 8:21 PM - by Evian 'Evil Avnovice' Machore
This week we have New Frontier Days, a town building simulation title where you command your pioneers to colonize new lands. Othello comes with 2-player support with either Joy-Con, or on the touch screen. And Neo Turf Masters will scratch your arcade golfing itch.

*New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers ($9.99)
*Othello ($4.99)
*ACA NeoGeo Neo Turf Masters ($7.99)
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Prey's Character Trailer Weaponizes Puns
Mar 23, 2017 - 9:31 AM - by Michael 'DoctorFinger' Chauvet

Just so Yu know, the main character in Bethesda's semi-rebooted Prey is named Morgan Yu. And they are going to build as many puns (or wordplay) around that gag as Yu can handle. It's like someone turned Kieron Gillen's twitter feed into a virus, and set it loose on a space station.

Prey launches May 5. Get Yu some.
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In-Game Chat: Season 11, Episode 10
Mar 21, 2017 - 7:01 AM - by Scott 'Psykoboy2' Benton

We call do-overs from time to time at the following link.

I know Iím usually talking about the upcoming or just released games when I write these things but I want to go back to a game that had an interesting release last year. And it lasted all of last year. I was skeptical of how theyíd pull it off at first but HITMAN has surprised me. And...itís actually made me regret not going about it the way Matt did and the way it was intended - episodically.

Normally in the way of usual games released in episodes Iíd wait for the full season to release and I did that with HITMAN. Itís because playing it in episodes so close together I have better memory of what just transpired in the previous installment. But that doesnít work with HITMAN. One episode doesnít really carry over to the other. Each level was released one at a time and when you finished it up you had the chance to go back and try new ways to complete the level. This idea is lost a little bit when ALL the episodes are available to you at the outset. Finish it one way and you have the freedom to move to the next target. Thereís very little to sway you to go back in and try again a different way.

Then thereís the constant updates to the game and the elusive targets they unleash pretty regularly. Hats off to the devs for continuing the support - free support at that. Reminds me a bit of Burnout Paradise. You may not be a fan of the HITMAN games, and thatís one thing, but if you are and had doubts, this is an easy game to recommend you jump right in on. It deserves it and the devs with their continued support deserve your support as well. Tell other companies out there how much you enjoy what theyíre doing and hopefully this will extend to others. Vote with your wallet, right? For everyone whoís ever preached that, hereís a game and a team well worth your vote.
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